During the holiday, I went to Wu Qiang’ s solo exhibition in 798 Art District in Beijing. This exhibition is different from the painting I used to visit, as it is the enamel art. Wu spent a year in Jingdezhen to study enamel. China is the cradle of porcelain. Ancient Chinese used to paint on bottles or bowls through glazing them, but Wu Qiang does his work through glazing porcelain. Wu likes to use enamel very much because the unique material and form of language are something which cannot be realized by using artists’ own painting techniques. It requires the involvement of fire. With the high temperatures of fire, glaze-painted work will undergo unpredictable changes, which can be disruptive or surprising. His paintings, which make the flowing feeling freeze in a scene, and make the vision float between the visible and invisible, inspire me with an ocean of imagination. I am quite interested in this material and firing effect of it.