The first piece I completed on the course. This was something I’d wanted to do for a while so was ready to get going on it as soon as we began. Its acrylic paint on a Japanese Good luck flag from WW2 bought online from Japan.

“…The Good Luck Flag, known as yosegaki hinomaru (寄せ書き日の丸) in the Japanese language, was a traditional gift for Japanese servicemen deployed during the military campaigns of the Empire of Japan, though most notably during World War II. The flag given to a soldier was a national flag signed by friends and family, often with short messages wishing the soldier victory, safety, and good luck”

This was a continuation from my use of Viet Cong battle flags as a means to embroider imagery sourced from areas of counter culture personal to me. I wanted work with more unique, expensive items and see how it would develop.

The image painted on the flag is a t-shirt graphic from Thrash Metal band Kreator. I wanted to draw similarities between the deliberate brashness of the musical genre to the American soldier’s practice of collecting them from dead Japanese as souvenirs in WW2. I wanted to relate the Heavy Metal flag as staple of the genre’s merchandise to reducing these historically important items to a currency of collectables that relegates human experience.

Although the painting is complete I’m unsure how I’ll display the it in my upcoming exhibition – as a work it remains unfinished. As with my other works I would be interested to add a fictional description of the piece that takes in elements of the item’s history in order to tell a story about the future.