In attempt to create a work that could exist singularly I combined items belonging from varying cultures as a means to paint over one larger less intrusive image.

The results aesthetically are interesting but the work has become about pattern. There is too much to look at and your eyes cant fix. I don’t feel its a failure however I just don’t believe it is successful in its own right. I think I achieved the opposite of what I set out to and have made something that would work well as the backdrop for another item or performance so I’ll hold onto it.

I shied away from the kind of icons I had been using in order to make a less aggressive image but it ended in something purely decorative. I was beginning to feel my superimposed imagery following one theme whilst obscuring items from varying cultures was beginning to look like an attack on the items.

Stephen suggested a worst case scenario that in the series it appeared my race was aggressively imposing on any I wasn’t born into. This was really disappointing to hear as my intention was the opposite, I wanted to celebrate the items individually and outline the importance of them to me. I certainly didn’t agree but definitely didn’t want anyone else to either. However this work, unfortunately, wasn’t the remedy.