This was the show that we did for our Live Project. It was actually so much fun to carry out. A big thank you to Blair Zaye who had actually found the space before we de – sanitised it a little bit. It was so exciting because I had never really exhibited in a space that was so ware-house like . My group consisted of Gardenia White , Irene Pouliassi , Robin Woodward, Corey Whyte, Wei-Chunn Lu ,Jiayu Wang , Annabel Grey and Blair Zayeand guest artist Xylophone Exit

I have always really exhibited my work in white walled spaces , clear and crisp with the lighting and measuring the height in which all the paintings are meant to be hung. I even exhibited in a church once in plaistow when I was doing my BA course( but even then it was white walled). But the space itself had so much character, and a different atmosphere. It was the first time I felt like I had no pressure to be perfect ( my personal opinion). 

Though what the most interesting part for me was working with so many different artists who had such different styles and personalities. The way in which everyone presented their work and their themes so was all quite unique !We came together and managed together as a team ! It was also nice to have a artist from that community participate along side us.

It was also really nice to see familiar faces from our course supporting us !! ( A big thank you ) As well as meeting new people and seeing how the community reacted to these group of quirky artists.


Though, seriously the actual temperature felt as cold as being in a fridge !

Blotched Shadow – Ink and acrylic on canvas and LED light

Blotched Shadow Close up with lighting


Blotched shadow close up of piece without lighting

Audiences who attended to show 🙂

The outside of the fridge space


Esra vazirally