It’s been exciting exploring and venturing around London. Right from the start of our course we were given many task and visits several galleries. It was quite interesting to see how art has changed over the years. Though one of many favourite¬† gallery Visits would have to the trip to seven sisters ( where we also had the fridge show) to look at “God’s Own Junkyard”. It was one of those visits that really tweaked my interest with lighting and L.E.D specifically speaking.

I recently also visited the “Condo” exhibition that took place on the weekend of the 13th of January. I attended 9 out of the 17 shows with fellow course-mates: Abbi Moffat, Joanna Gilbert, Corey Whyte, Yasmine Robinson, Will Coups. It was definitely exciting going all over London to see various artists and how they displayed work! Though the more relatable and relaxed atmosphere would be the shows that were help in east London ( in my personal opinion ). For myself the main focal point was how the work was being displayed, in relation to the dynamic between space and scale of the pieces.¬†


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By – Esra Vazirally