I had heard about the collaboration between Chelsea and The Tate known as the ” Tate Exchange” from Farukh Akbar, a part-time student in our course. To be honest my work before this course was never really centred around so many strong themes. It was always more focused about the painting within the specific fine art field. Though it was interesting to look at how we could use technology, specifically speaking to create an automated interactive piece of art. That is actually not human but has human characteristics and emotions!

The discussions of how AI’s are no longer a thing of the future, it is part of the present. For example Sophia the robot, she’s even been recently been given citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

The I was not able to stay with the project till the very end ( as I was juggling two other projects at the time ) It was interesting to participate with the ideas and getting involved with a small way.

The theme of “technology” was given and within the idea 3 different groups had to come with interactive and fun technological art pieces.

Specifically speaking Farukh had created two human sculptures, and we began to brain storm and juggle with Artificial Intelligence. For majority of the discussions that I attended we explored a series of social questions and concerns with AI’s.

For example : Why are most AI’s always turn of out be women ?

Would you let an AI vote or babysit a child ?

Would you let an AI be a judge in a court room ?

The idea became that we each paint ourselves in a metallic colour and repeat these questions which would have projected onto the sculptures to make it seems like the robots are speaking with the public. The public would have would then have the opportunity to vote yes or no and we were planning to use a polling system.

We had one male and one female person act as robots. I was not able to attend the last set of meetings so the Ideas and concepts could have been completely change.

Though this project made me question something: As human being we are capable of being able to create human life . Though we does it seem like we are limiting ourselves in the field of robotics?

Are we making artificial intelligence with limitations because we are scared of beings far superior enough to take over us? So that we feel like we have control ?  ( haha – robot attack, please watch” I am legend” to see what I mean).

In conclusion I have become far more interested in the field that I ever was and I am interested to see what the Tate Late group have come with and are presenting on the 26th of January 2018 at the Tate Modern 5th floor !!


  • Esra Vazirally, Irene Pouliassi, Lu Weichung, Lawrence Vegas and Farukh Akbar