We can read things in a variety of different ways, and often every day objects can have powerful subjective subtexts. Our surroundings are populated heavily by transitional objects, even unknowingly. Here are some experiments I made investigating how mundane objects can carry more weight than it seems, interact/be triggers for memory, and also our relationship with the things around us.

Although not a central theme, these pieces also think about materiality and its meaning. Appropriating these substances is also appropriating memory and the identity which goes with it. Attaching oblique semi descriptions of fragments of my personal memory is not intended to explicitly reference my own experience, but rather highlights the highly individual nature of this process.

I enjoy the playfulness of it and also the incongruity of the everyday and somewhat silly sauce next to something being identified as having deep significance.

Lawrence Blackman

This is called ‘The Fire Inside Me/Tomato Sauce’.