Trying out different Placement of pieces

That ladder loves hogging the Limelight !

When we thought the set up was finished … But it wasnt!


The actual set up of the morgue took quite awhile. I had never really known how physical the strain of setting up work can be physically but mentally it is was also a challenge because we could not decide the placements of the door! We spent over three days trying every angle to see what works best. Fhe fact that there was a constant battle between the ladder and the uneven floor!

Here is a bit of the actual description of what the show is going to include

Exhibiting Artists Joanna Gilbert, Esra Vazirally

Two MAFA students from Chelsea UAL, collaborated on a number of works exploring the themes of choice, love, communication and identity. Broken Paradox relates to the woman’s emotional associations and choice towards marriage.

Primarily abstract painters, Joanna Gilbert and Esra Vazirally investigate these trajectories through painting on bed linen, wood, canvas and concrete. The messages shown engulf the emotive feeling of entrapment; representing the social pressures of marriage.

In a predominately love-marriage society, the concept of an arranged-marriage may seem startling; however, it is a reality for people from several Middle Eastern, South and East Asian countries. Women are rarely forced into arranged marriages but they agree to them, to uphold family values and for religious, cultural and even personal beliefs.

What are the implications of freedom of choice when there is no choice? Does a woman become a commodity, passed from one family to another with loss of identity?

By contrast, is the outcome for a love-marriage that isn’t fulfilled, any better? When the reality doesn’t fit the perception it is a Broken Paradox that remains.