This is a larger piece (roughly 1 x 2 metres) made up of two 50+ year old Japanese fishing boat flags and an image from a copy write free ‘production flash’ tattoo design book from the 80s painted in emulsion. I am interested in the idea of the flag, they are generally laden with such definitive meanings its fun to obscure them.

One of the things I mentioned in my initial study plan was coming from a graphic design background creating text and image pieces has been something I’ve always done for work. Japanese letterforms enable a freedom from the connotations of texts as I cant decipher their meanings. I am able to create truly random pairings of text and image.

This was first and foremost an aesthetic experiment to begin working on a bigger scale and further enlarge a small found icon with paint for the first time. It was part of an ongoing experiment embellishing items sourced online and seeing the conversations that entail. It was not intended to exist singularly, it was made in view of an upcoming solo exhibition, perhaps thats what weakened it. If you are relying on a group of objects to look good together you can sometimes end up putting less thought into them individually.

Aesthetically I’m happy with it however it remains unfinished – Again I am unsure how to hang the piece for maximum impact.