Lumiere London 2018 started from yesterday. I went to Mount Street Gardens to see [M]ondes by Atsara last night.

Lights is very important in my previous works. Because light makes shadow. I think shadow can show very effectively the expansion of space.

Nowadays, I’m interested in using light as a materials in my installation work, not just for making shadows. In that respect, [M]ondes was interesting for me.

“The artists’ duo Audrey Rocher and Roland Devocelle, the team of Atsara stages in their lumino kinetic works the relationship between light, space and time in their ephemerality. They experiment with the appearance of spaces and materials, as well as with the interplay between perception and imagination.  Atsara stages the interfaces of darkness and light, of space and surface, of color and material in a continuous metamorphosis rendering visible the poetry of mathematics and physics. 

Sound and light share many physical qualities, as frequencies they are embedded in the interplay of time and space. In their rhythms, cycles and oscillations acoustical and optical phenomena are shaped. In their artistic concepts Atsara refer to the poetic qualities of the processes of constant transformation as the foundation of all audio and visual phenomena.

Its interventions can also be read as illustrations of the physical string theory. Unlike the standard model of particle physics, various approaches within the string theory assume that the fundamental building blocks that make up our world are particles not in terms of points but vibrating objects called „strings”. In regard to these concepts there are no permanent solid materials, but only temporary oscillations and their clusters. Atsara stages installations in which the continuous vibration of the things is to see and to experience.”

                                                                                                                                                Bettina Pelz, curator