Pigs are grotesque and simultaneously charming. In a recent year I have been fascinated by this animal.


Egyptian culture: Great Mother and symbols of fertility and abundance.


Celtic Mythology: A mother provider figure. Ancient Celtic the pig was associated with Cetidwen and Phae. They were fertility and mood goddesses.


Chinese culture: pig represents luck, overall good fortune wealth and honesty


Christianity: Vile, rude creatures, a symbol of the sins of the flesh and an expression of greed.


Hinduism: Vajravarahi is linked to the pig and she is the female consort of Vishnu.


Native American culture: Symbolic meaning of the pig is linked with fertility, agriculture and richness. Also in Buddhism the pig is located in the center of the wheel of existence and symbolizes ignorance: one of three allusions that prevent person to arrive at the fullest of life.


Alexandra Shatalova


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