oil and acrylic on paper, 148 x 210 mm

 oil and acrylic on board, 210 x 297 mm

  Drawings acetate & tracing paper – tracing edges, lines and form. thinking about containment, maps, boarders

 collages paintings-  oil and acrylic on paper, 148 x 210 mm


collages, oil and acrylic on acetate, 148 x 210 mm

Id like for these thoughts to go further and begin to explore the surface of glass; the window.

“By revealing the exterior, the window locates the interior.- or indeed the self- in relation to the outside (exterior or surrounding) environment.” (p.140).  //]]

“The window becomes an interface that allows for the distance of contemplation of an individual’s relation to the public realm.” (p.141) //]]

“the window acts as a permeable interface between interior and exterior” (p.181). //]]

“By picturing himself at this transparent threshold, a dialectic is proposed whereby Althamer is at once rooted and absent.” (p.181)        *isolated and connected* Emotional Interlude?

The artist’s house – from workspace to artwork [Bell, K (2013) Berlin: Sternberg Press]


and painting on physical timbers of wood and ‘puzzling’ them together exploring physical thresholds within the work. perhaps creating corners. Exploring a larger scale, interacting and engaging with the viewers. Creating a room? Dwelling. hidden but seen via the glass?

  Layering acetate over canvas.

 Glass strip. Acrylic.


note: or perspex in place of glass?




April Jackson