Recent works and thoughts. [January reflect]

Recently I’ve been working on some prints and paintings.

I find the process of print making like a filter, a cleansing process. In these works, I took loose inspiration from photography, mark making and sketches. Exploring directional marks, placement and space. Deconstructing and reassembling marks, lines, edges and shapes. Opening up a new vocabulary.

I find this process euphoric, and in the natural process of mono-printing, its a process of discovery. Marks, compositions etc reveal themselves when printed. Marks are found and unintentional forms manifest. This I find is a similar, uncontrollable potential that finds its way in the process of pouring the paint on the canvas.

Repetition Symmetry Asymmetry Verticality Bleeding Erasure Flooding Negative/ Positive Residue Stain Populated Reduced Simplified Intensified Trace Subtractive

 fig 1-7

 fig 8

 fig 9+


[fig. 1-7] A3 prints

[fig. 8] 4ft x 5ft Canvas on Borad

[figs. 9+]Oil on Board, 2017, 25.5 x 30 cm





April Jackson