I have found a perfect space to install my work which I am very confident. Firstly, I was thinking to put a few different sizes of photographs on the wall as a layout, but the problem was that the wall was big. Therefore, I thought I’d print the size of A1 photograph on a transparent paper of a park in Hyde Park which I photographed with a 35mm film camera in black and white and it came out well. I have put it up on the left side on the wall and the drawings on the right side. Furthermore, with the drawings – I have drawn with the graphite pen on a very thin piece of colour cream paper – a pale tint of yellow. Opposite of the wall – I have hanged beautiful Victorian nightgowns up the ceiling in the centre to ‘move’ themselves as the spirits disappearing or appearing and the last thing I have created wax on the pillowcases which I have never done before and I am very confident with what they came out. I have put the pillows on the floor as metaphorically that my ideal idea is after death – the spirits (nightgowns) float out of the physical body and appearing through to the forest (photograph), and then they are disappearing (drawings). Finally, there will be floodlights to make my work look ghostly and mysterious.

As I have explained above why I can’t set my pictures up on the wall it’s because the wall was too big and a little bit too plain however that what the photographs were below to put up the wall to make them look haunted, ghostly and mysterious. Although I found a way to put up a picture of a park on a large print scale. The images that I have taken were a 35mm film camera. I also have experimented on hangers in wax to hang the nightgowns up the ceiling, but the hangers that I made in wax didn’t come out well. Therefore, I left them as it is.


graphite, transparent paper covering the drawings to make look like floating, gold tiny pins

close up – wax, pillowcase

close up

close up

Why did I add wax on the pillowcases?

I have tried to make them look Victorian clothing style which was mostly in white, creamy and pale yellow although waxes will melt with different temperatures which symbolise that the bodies decompose to a skeleton that takes eight to twelve years under the soil however if placed in a coffin the body can take many years longer, depending on type of wood used. The souls stay perpetually and they reborn to a different body.

close up – Victorian nightgowns 

close up – Victorian nightgowns 

Here is a short video of nightgowns moving. Click the link below.



close up – transparent paper printed, 35 mm film camera, long black pins

The nightgowns (spirits) show that they are communicating with you in different ways – such as dreaming, signs through animals, signs through small objects that they remind of their loved ones, movements – move objects to get your attention or perhaps does the same photograph keep falling? And many other similar things that can occur the spirits to communicate with their loved ones or to let them know that they are around.  

My sketchbook ideas before I started creating my work and there are a few new ideas that I will be working on next term:

That’s the main idea that I was going to put my drawings on the installation show:

That’s how I wanted it to look like this with covered transparent paper – floating ‘spirit’: