The red wool caught my attention at the first sight. I found the high saturation color has a sense of weird and surrealistic  image. As contrast, a normal brown paper bag has an opposite feeling. So I put them together. I think some dramatic thing happens. So I named it “how to escape from a paper bag”.

The model to the left  is a mirroring reflection of the braid. And also an abstract metaphor of the prototype”braid in a bag”. The photos and collages above are about the procedure of “escaping”.It is a time-based sequence, but I make them juxtaposed, not in a video, so people can see it just at a glance.

This is the first time I install the work myself. And I found the experience very valuable. Installation is also a part of the work. How to display is very important related to the work’s concept. This time I didn’t use any media that I normally used before, such as sound, video or drawing. I hope the objects themselves can talk.

The models of the narrative prototype will be my continuing research.