Much like the wall fetish, my textual capture while traveling has also become obsessive. Among the examples are 3 distinct subgroups; Civil Signs, Advertising and Graffiti/Street Art

Its interesting how civil signs convey and transfer knowledge and how they keep social order, they become symbols of control.. What I also find interesting when traveling abroad is the innocent mistranslation in the signs.

The oppressive bombardment from media in its numerosity while on the way to work or play. Through over exposure they are part of the landscape, part of the everyday, upon repetition and over saturation the remain unnoticed yet as a kind of osmosis, subconsciously downloaded and stored

Graffiti and street art democratizes art, the ability to express and even these public spaces. No matter your education, the colour of your skin or even if youre good or not, anyone can pick up a can or a maker pen and scribble on a wall and get their voice heard and their thoughts seen by total strangers and making it accessible Reclaiming public space graffiti and street art voice of the people, of the collective unconscious, a new populism.
Reminding all that there is more to the visual world of the public sphere than advertising.

These days the text in my work is for those still seeking, still open to possibilities, still looking for answers. For those on the cusp of awakening and as sign posts for already on the path. It is perhaps not for the ignorant or for those that dig their heels in a choose to remain so. Or even for those that believe that there is nothing new to learn and that they know all, treating such with flippancy closing off to the possibilities and in doing so remain in an ivory tower of intellectual ignorance via scientific skepticism or similar. My aim is not to touch those I cannot reach. ‘Preaching to the converted’ turned atheist turned nihilist falls on deaf ears, much like a manic street corner preacher. All that is achieved is to solidify their position, a bias towards the western perspective of materialistic capitalism and segregate them further polarize ideals. People cant be force feed what they don’t want to hear, cognitive dissonance is very much in play here, there are those that cannot accept this change that so many feel coming.

For those not in tuned to or disinterested in the text in the paintings I make I have created subconsciously balanced compositions where the text become abstract visual elements. Over all the eastern mysticism meets a punk aesthetic, a welcome change from the universal nihilism of punk or even Nietzsche. Lying between neo-futurism and the new spiritual revolution. What I try to get across is an openness. A few words that spring to mind are ‘Teachability index’ coined by Kevin Trudeau. Or in Zen Buddhism there is the word ‘Shoshin’ which means beginners mind, which can be described as foregoing preconceptions and keeping an openness when approaching learning.
Shunryu Suzuki puts in well saying “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”
In a world of ‘post-truth’ I ask for a belief perhaps not in anything in particular, but a belief that more is possible and faith in something(anything) can still hold strong and true.

Blair Zaye