As you all know my major in my BA college is Chinese traditional painting, so I had some practice in Chinese calligraphy before. However, calligraphy is something that needs to be sustained. We must insist on continuous writing to see the progress. Your hands are stable enough to hold the brush to write calligraphy and you must be mindless.
I have been in England for six months , I have not written any calligraphy in here yet , when I am picking up a brush pen I look like a Parkinson patient, but I insisted on writing for a couple of days and noticed that I had my senses again.
So I want to share with you about the feelings. I think that there is no shortcut in this world . Even if you have the chance to take risks, take the short cuts, and quickly gain the pleasure of success, this kind of thing is also unstable, the shortcut makes people lost.To enjoy the intertwining and the pain is the better way to feel this world.