The body is the physiological existence of the subject, is the material basis for the development of personality, and is also the basic condition of human communication. Therefore, it is natural for phenomenology to pay attention to the body, which is discussed by husserl and others. A re-examination of the body is also a hot area of digital art. Virtual body is one of the convergence points of phenomenology and digital art. The idea of phenomenology is the inspiration for the digital artist, and the digital art will push the thinking of the body into the virtual world, enriching the relevant theories. Husserl envisaged by imagining make someone else’s “there” has become “here”, digital artists, with the support of digital media virtual to let people get rid of the separation of “here” and “there”; Husserl imagines that the psychological effect of “me” activates the body of others in his consciousness, while digital artists rely on technology to transform the images of others’ bodies into interactive quasi-entities. Husserl is concerned about the connection between self and others. Heidegger is concerned about the common existence between me and others, and the digital artist realizes the integration of himself and others with the help of software. Phenomenon of leibniz’s theory of the list is far from shaoxing, leibniz had already foreseen the list of more perfect than human, at present, the so-called “descendants”, human evolution has become a common theory, art subject, with virtual body of works of literature and art is the human pursuit of self-transcendence.

To solve the problem of phenomenology, husserl proposed the famous apperception theory. He said: “the physical organism of my life has a central ‘Here’ (Here) when it is connected to itself in a reflective way. Every other body that is’ other ‘has a’ There ‘. This indicates that the introspective person acknowledges the existence of the other person’s body, thereby indirectly acknowledging the existence of the “thinking me” of others besides my “thinking of me”. Husserl further pointed out that although “here” is different from the “there”, reflective in reality may never be able to go into other people’s “there”, but can use a way of thought in the consciousness of making others “there” has become “here”, namely the idea “if I was there, my body what”. As a result, my body is “first established originally”, while others copy form of body is my body, I can be the body of others understand for the same as my body that as the body of living organisms, “apperception of analogy” is based on. This kind of apperception is actually the “common presentation” of “field of view exchange”. He said: “when I experience them as human beings, I understand and acknowledge each of them as a self-subject like myself… Each person has his or her own place and looks at the things around them, and each person will see the different things in the same way. …… In spite of this, we with our neighbor to understand each other and jointly assume that there is an objective reality of space and time, a also belong to one of the us itself, in fact, there are around the world.”