“No. 225″ ( About 225: ‘225’ represents my birthday, which represents the beginning of a life. Or maybe, a beginning of a world). ‘225’ represents a number, not just a number code, more is the birth of an image, the meaning of an imaginary reality, now everything is visualization, may be it is all exist, perhaps does not exist, it can be true, can be virtual, can enrich, can also be empty, may be for me, everything around is just as I thought it would be a real space, time, person and matter.

As for a thing, the more pictures you see about it, the stronger it is. Or, if it doesn’t become stronger, it is more and more recognizable, so that it has the possibility of becoming stronger. The process of printing and reprinting the reality by means of photos and videos has revealed an obvious and neglected thing in the era of Internet reading:All we have to face is the image itself, that’s all. The French philosopher Maleb said that mobile phones represent the current state of people. I think that technology represents the right person, that is, our generation. It is the real state of science and technology that represents the technology of human being better. It is the real representative of “human themselves”, in other words, “human is technology”.

As a result, the realities we are in are made up of images. The images have been leaped from the “screen”, and the reality is made by later production. Then human beings can change the reality through post production, and what kind of image do we want to become a reality?

When I used the images from different sources, together, eliminate the historic and at the same time, gives new meaning, make them look meaningful patterns, seem familiar, real existence in our life, our memory, but does not seem to be real, I am creating a real and unreal world. All my actions will be to seek solutions in contradiction, to seek truth, and perhaps to live in a false memory or world forever?

Technology and art are just two sides of the same thing made by human. The image I have made may have been a contradiction in reality.

Although this is the way to use plane figure, such as digital printing, but at the same time I also choose to use the method of sculpture to present in this world, it brings a paradox: Third dimension gives person a kind of real sensory experience. But complanation, planarity, quadratic element, only there is the world of utopia in our memory.

Perhaps, whether it is real, or unreal illusion, is it all at the same time or even does not exist?

When Patti planned the exhibition with us, she gave me a lot of inspiration, a lot of different thinking, not just on the overall work cooperation degree, the overall aura, cooperate on the whole, it is for me more, for a imagination works, even if I finished the work, in fact, I did not finish, when I put the image in another way, it is temperament, breath is different again, give me more space to imagine. How to grasp the balance between technology and art, not too much pursuit of the so-called performance effect, not too technical, this is one of my recent thinking problems.