In this works, I interview many person whose office gay, teacher, student, young people, CEO, fringe artist, immigration & resettlement, in this dialogs I asked them mass issue which in different patterns as livelihoods, vocations, professions, amateurism, kinships, affections, loves, sexual identifications, educations, humanly. Via this asked and answered I want define some fixed definitions, and try to drive out many societal prejudices; in addition, keep the struggles of this consciousness. The artistic format, some outdated be abandoned, in this image cannot have figures (there are not person in this interview video, whereas we can listen their taking voice), other side , the chair always existence on the whole frame of film, it though a camera recorded chair, and focus on the nexus that light and music vocality and visual angle. I try to supply the different area for my viewer that can make some fancies of us. By the way, I fair enough with the definitions about concept and format, but for convenience of language exchange, it have to been used. Anyhow welcome to you breathe your own airs in this artwork.

I will run it, in unit 2.