Wanting to remain in the spirit of experimentation I wished to interrogate the back of the painting and make an installation. This piece is about the dissolving of ideals and the emergence of new identities. The painting is based in the cabinet war rooms, it contains references to colonialism and also Margaret and Sarah from their gameshow performance. This performance was tremendous for me. I felt so unbelievably uncomfortable. Controlled by this towering female figure in highly sexualised dominatrix fashion. Fearful I could be the next victim. The dynamic created in the room will stay with me for a long time I think. Great fun and really inspiring. Following this I was discussing gameshows particularly the generation game and the price is right. It became increasingly strange that people would exhaust themselves at work only to find relaxation on a Friday night in front of the TV being entertained by further individuals putting themselves through stress to ‘win’ the latest electronic gadgets. The scenario seemed both pathetic and sinister simultaneously, similar to ‘The Gameshow’ performance. I will continue with this painting and try in incorporate contemporary reference with those from the late 1940’s to 1950’s as this was when the British Empire and colonialism really began to unravel. I am interested in creating a strange narrative that reflects the contemporary and perhaps future result of the decolonisation and globalisation.

Kate Mieczkowska