The current theories of “new media” are mostly born out of the evolution of “image theory” in the last century. But not so much the theory is based on the philosophy of “” image, the image of the current theory is based on the philosophy of” watch “- photography in the 19th century sparked the question of” how “, largely because people tend to think that the camera to imitate the eyes, or even replaced the eyes (documentary), people tend to think of the 20th century, photography and film expanded eyes perception attribute (unconscious), let your eyes and ears, can receive the groups were formed in some grammar of symbols. It is from these angles that the photographer or artist establishes the authority that is different from the general public photography. It is precisely because people are using this theory that the new media is a double party in the Internet and reality.

Under the philosophy of watching, the masses are either a bewildering bunch of moving “organs” or a group of “photographers” who make their own lives. The status of the object of this theory is deeply divided, gave birth to two kinds of situation: on the one hand, popular culture researchers ignored medium of photography and new media technology itself unique characteristics and space-time attribute of “photographer” itself; Works of art, on the other hand, the researchers have neglected the artist as the creator of the popular style, as the whole people to participate in an “shooting game” in the “master” to general “players” direct or indirect impact.


Therefore, the current research on new media actually focuses on the “philosophy of watching”. Even in the “production” or “property” these topics, are all based on a “watch production” and “watch the physical properties of” level, while ignoring the medium of photography and new media technology itself unique characteristics and space-time attribute to “photographer” ,rather than the beholder.

From the point of view of cultural studies, one of the most important transformations in contemporary media society is that “everyone from the person who looks at the picture becomes the person who takes pictures” — everyone is a photographer. If there is no image, so the Internet is impossible so deep and true life, if we had no mobile phone camera so deep into everybody’s boudoir, into every news site, so we can’t claim that the Internet there has been a fundamental influence on the contemporary life. Therefore, the contemporary new media and the Internet technology human behavior and the interaction, is the photography as the center and slowly unfolded. It is the photography behavior, not the viewing behavior that becomes the core of the research and grasp of contemporary society. “Everyone is an artist, in other words,” so, not only in modern times have already been implemented, even is very suspicious, since due to the popularity of photographic equipment, everybody is the “photographer”, so the photographer “to be” the process of the artist, what is the mechanism at work? If the contemporary new media art is not just say the words, but can be used as a more skill concept of image output, then the artist actually is how to influence to the public?