This was an experiment. I met every technician as a result of making this piece. I learned how the workshops functioned and understood where and how to get things made. I also had a laugh making it. It is a lamp made from a combination of hand sculpted and moulded porcelain ceramic which is hollow enough to omit light from a string of LED’s placed inside. The base is turned mahogany and the letters were sent by a foundry who kindly donated them but omitted to send two of them. The lettering around the base reads I AM NOT YOUR SERVANT. Its based on a sculpture by Eric Gill called Mankind that was in the V&A when we had our visit in the first few weeks. The sculpture is extraordinary because it represents a female form that has an air of cosmetic surgical augmentation to it, however It was made in 1927-8 when I don’t believe it was the fashion or indeed the technology was available to do this. There is something oddly futuristic about it. I would like to develop this idea further and have explored using car filler as a material. It works but is toxic and really not to be made in a confined place as is the art-school. I will remake it at home.

Kate Mieczkowska