What is the viewer looking for when entering a gallery?

In search for a new kick? Exploring depth, reason, purpose, fulfilment, intelligence, skill, narrative. Perhaps this is an artists view as the viewer. I would like to think that the public see art more than a skill, craft, beauty, just the aesthetically pleasing. As an artist I want to empower or evoke the emotions of the viewer.

once was confronted with the debate, to take a photograph of a beautiful moment is not giving that moment and the experience true receipt of its deliverance.

This lead me to the use of photography in todays society. The debate of modern technologies hindering or benefiting social interactions of younger audiences is both a debate of social interaction, modern communications methods, identity and convenience. The digital revolution has turned teenagers into superstars and others into self obsessed superficial no-bodies. The celebrity culture look and life style has conquered the aesthetic and taken over Instagram.

In reflection, do people see themselves as an opportunity for self evaluation. Or…perhaps another opportunity for self vanity. The chewing gum is a metaphor for the laborious struggles of the working classes. The gold gilt chewing gum raises the question of status, power and vanity. The strong smell creates a dialogue challenging the viewers perceptive sensibilities an evaluation far away from the  static Instagram image.


Ross McCormick