My video, Ravel in Colour, is the one and only product of my labours in Unit 1.  And I can only show a screenshot of it here as it’s too large to download.  But, hopefully, it’s not all about numbers.

In the first few weeks I relished the opportunity to step back from making and be open to all the different ideas and activities on offer.  And whilst my ideas were heading off in all sorts of interesting directions, it seemed better to wait for clarity to emerge than to start making for the sake of it.

But after a few more weeks, and with other people busy all around me, the pressure to make grew.  I decided to start where I left off, which was working with Perspex, and to combine creating a colourful abstract composition with cutting out the words “Where has colour gone?”  It took me a lot of attempts to design it in Illustator before I realised that it wouldn’t work and was a bad idea.  Still feeling the need to produce, I decided to make a couple of posters – but I wasn’t happy with them either.  So whilst there is nothing to show from these efforts I think I’ve learned, and hope I won’t forget, that I really shouldn’t start to make if I’m not clear about why I’m doing it.

After settling on “Colour and Music” as my focus for this unit and reading around it, I finally knew what I wanted to make.  I was excited about the idea of making “images” from coloured lights, videoing and then editing them to create a moving abstract “painting” to music.

It was a steep learning curve.  I had no experience of making videos and knew next to nothing about lights.  So there was a first stage of just learning how to make a video, and then a first attempt at using lights – both with results I wouldn’t want to share.  I won’t repeat all the other stages of the process as I’ve shared them in earlier blogs.

Looking back it was right for me to focus on one ambitious project, even if it was outside my comfort zone and the results only emerged at the end of a lengthy process.  When I see others sharing the many products of their labours, I just have to keep reminding myself – it’s not a competition.