[ Obsession – Wealth : Monument for the ‘ God-Lotto ‘ ]








The probability that a lottery will win is often less than the chance of a lightning strike. To win a Lotto is just a matter of luck. Nonetheless, some people become obsessed with winning the lottery. Such people believe that they can find a new winning number from the lottery winning numbers that have already passed. You can see the behaviors that deteriorate due to obsessions, in the behavior of those who analyze past winning numbers and make statistics and find new numbers.

[Lotto: hope → Lotto analysis (obsession): foolish hope]

The numbers from the dreams go beyond looking for a lotto number or taking a favorite number, producing stats that are systematically visible. Furthermore, some people create patterns on lotto paper. However, those who are obsessed with this information want to conceal it, knowing that it is meaningless (or embarrassing).

When I saw patterns made up of meaningless lines that consisted of numbers on lotto paper, I decided that it was like a constellation in the night sky. The act of making patterns that look meaningful to past winning numbers that have already become meaningless is like creating a constellation by continuing a line between the stars.

The act of clinging to finding a new number in the patterns is similar to the act of assigning meaning to a constellation that is not real, and of dividing the fate or future of the person through that meaning.

horoscopes are seen as meaningless. Why, then, is it justification to cast fortunes through the constellation? Because this is usually pursued and I think it can have power.

As above mentioned, humans justify and package negative acts (or useless acts) that arise from their attachment through the act pursued ideologically. If people are able to watch and recognize their desire to hide their own actions and objects as actions and objects that are usually pursued, will they be able to face the presence of selfish self-interest?




Many of the past artifacts are deemed worthy. It supports stories like superstitions, or proves historical facts. Things that are not easy to make even now make people admire, curious about concepts that are different now, and mysterious things attract people. Certain artifacts worthy of this value are preserved in museums, have high value, and go up in people’s mouths. It is not even clear whether it was worth it at the time, but it has come a long time and fascinates people with fantasy.

The Mayan calendar, a relic of the past, is so accurate that it is the foundation of the modern calendar. So even though it was a very old thing, there was even a conspiracy theory that the earth would be destroyed on the day the calendar stopped.

The power of objects that are recognized as ordinary or conventional is considered to be great. I want to have meaningless patterns created through Lotto numbers on the Mayan calendar, which makes people believe and fascinate.

In order to create the Mayan calendar by placing the logos and meaningless patterns of the lotto among the important symbols of the Mayan calendar, I would like to draw it on a mirror that was considered sacred and conveys the will of the sky.

Through the process of finding Lotto patterns, objects of meaningless objects and acts, from meaningful artifacts, I want people to recognize the process in which their attachments are packaged as conventional or conventional. At this time, can people find out how meaningless their obsession is?




Exhibition proposal


I intend to exist in a dark space in order to find meaning in intentionally created fake myths and artifacts. Just as people are offering small candles and people find meaning in relics for the God-Lotto, in an invisible space, people rely on small lights to observe the work, which is like the act of finding meaning in meaningless fake artifacts .