After allocating the most reasonable space for each one as a group exhibition, I found my works looks not delicate enough on a plain white wall, so I was thinking to work on the background and did some experiment at Photoshop.


After discussing with peers showing in my room, we thinks if I paint two black strips on the wall it will be salient in the whole exhibition space, which will influence the holistic visual effect of our show.


I occasionally found that the girl behind me’s light purple maybe be a suitable colour for my paintings, after trying other peers agreed as well. However in my view, this colour is not an usual colour, which would makes audiences misunderstanding that the works on purple wall are from the same artist. Although I gave up, it gave me an idea that other than black background, light colour background would also fits my work.

Although finally I didn’t choose to paint the wall to any colour, this experience taught me what is the most important thing for a group show.   We are not aiming to show which individual’s work, we are presenting ourselves as a holistic team, —– as 2018 Chelsea MA Fine art family.


Ziyin Guan