Works state:

We often want to do something to break the routine. Unfortunately, we are often limited by the self-identity. Confused, wandering, stagnant, and then repeatedly repeated. Our lives are being repeatedly digested in this way. What should I do? and where shall I go?

My video, in which I would like to use some symbolisms, will try to reflect the current relationship between young people, politics and society. In this video, you will see a young man who is physically tied to a chain, hovering over a flag repeatedly, switching between colour video, and black and white. When the screen is coloured, you will see the young man walking in a repetitive circle, and when the screen is black-and-white, the young man stands blankly.

l find that many people have some personal prejudices about things like education, government and race, and these individual prejudices are also a problem of education, government, race, and the like. These kinds of problems have different definitions in each era, and these definitions are often controlled by mainstream publicity. Not a lot of people want to be lazy thinkers, but there are some individuals consumed by lassitude.

I just want to remind people that there is always something to think about.