This painting signifies duality.

Duality signifies the foundation structure of consciousness which is the world.

Ying and Yang.

Young and Old.

Male and Female.

God and Devil.

Inhale and Exhale.

Above and Below.

Left and Right.

Good and Bad.

Bravery and Cowardice.

Should and Shouldn’t.

To Be and Not To Be.

There are always Two.

When we perceive, there are always the perceiver and the perceived.

When we ask, there are always the question and the answer to it.

When we love, there are always one who loves and one beloved.

When we grow, there are always the passed and the coming.

By Two, we choose.

Even when we assume there is no choice, we are choosing the There-Is-No-Choice.

It seems only for Choosing itself we have no choice.

Which is to say, only duality itself is absolute which is unity.

This painting signifies unity.

And unity is always looking for a window.