How do you see the meaning of virtual bodies as interactive images? Husserl once distinguished two related concepts, namely koerper and leib. Generally speaking, the body is the existence of physical property, while the body is a spiritual existence. “I was able to take a natural things as a” body “, recognising that the bodies of others, and then put a “body”, that is to admit the existence of other selves, consciousness of ‘lenovo’ ability plays a dual role here.” “The memory of something” is the basic form of association. It makes it possible for consciousness to carry on a double transcendence: first, the strange body that appears to me is reminded of my own body through its “behavior “; Secondly, since there is self in my body, there must be other selves in other bodies. In this way, the body of others is endowed with the meaning of “other body”. A body is therefore “beseelen”, “activated”, and becomes a person who is opposed to me, who has the same soul essence or self essence.

It is natural that the body of others can be activated in husserl’s mind because of the psychological effect of “me”, and it is natural to draw such conclusions in the framework of transcendental phenomenology. Husserl’s study of intersubjectivity began in 1905. The so-called intersubjektivitaet is proposed as a category of philosophical ontology and epistemology, which refers to the existence between the subject and the “objective” world as a possible commonality. For him, intersubjectivity has two meanings: “worldly” and “transcendental”. The latter is more fundamental to him. The interpersonlitaet and interaktion used by habermas also refer to intersubjectivity. However, he advocated that the subject of interaction in real life rather than the transcendental one should be regarded as the starting point of the study of intersubjectivity. If habermas that view for the body and the relationship of the body, is likely to be different compassion and husserl don’t come to the conclusion that: if others body can be “activated”, so, the first reason is the existence of such beings able to have a soul of the way we interact with. It is because of these interactions that we identify the nature of this existence. Husserl said the parties about their body, of course, lenovo also has an important role in the process of the body – we are according to others and their interactions with its body to interact with others may take by consistency and concluded that the characteristics of each other as a person.