In my current work I have used two big sheets of rusty mesh metals tightened together by plastic cable ties to create the body of my installation. This complete work is 245cm height by 77cm width. There are flowered shaped small sculpture come out of this installation which made of rusty metal mesh with sharp edges. This installation will have a companion sound as a mixture of wailing and siren. I have also completed a risk assessment for this work by adding a note on the main door of the studio informing the college staff, students and exhibitions’ viewers do not touch the rusty objects or any part of the installation.

This installation has sound effect and flower-shaped small objects made of rust metal mesh, these objects can be moved and installed anywhere such as floor and ceiling using metal pins. This artwork can be easily dismantled and installed making it flexible to move and transport. The audio in this work is companion as a mixture of wailing and echo, this sound has been saved on a device which allows it to play repeatedly for more than 8 hours.












































Gardenia White