çuI have loved Belinda De Bruckeyere since I first saw work. She does life casts from animals, stuffs horses and stacks them up in piles. I am very interested in life casts and find her work fascinating.

With the exception of a set for a ballet at Sadlers Wells I have never seen her work in person, so took myself to Aarhus in Copenhagen to see a show of hers with three large works In three large rooms.

The work is a beautiful as it looks in the photos. One is an elm tree recast in wax and with cut limbs like a thalidomide victim, another her stacked horses, and another horse hides hanging from racks, stiffened with resin.

Oddly , and disappointingly, it is no more beautiful than the photos show. They promise to be earthy , dirty and dying. But the horses don’t sag into each other, the hides are rigid with resin and smell of glue. Careful of meeting your heroes