I interviewed Jeremy Deller for a piece I wanted to do extrapolated from Stephen Wilson’s TransPersonal. I wanted to interview him about love The love of his work that champions the underdog , the miners , the soldiers who died on the first day of the battle of the Somme. It was this piece in particular that moved me most, which he did with Rufus Norris, director of The National Theatre. Its called “We’re here because we’re here” and was the song sung in the trenches, to the tune of “Ol Lang Syne” It functions as being deeply moving because it’s a tune we know as well as being an existential theme I am not a performance artist but this piece set in one day was beautiful Jeremy said that a lot of the actors had been trained to deal with the possibility of aggression on the day , but they should have been trained to deal with people crying instead.
I am struggling to load the audio file of my interview  Will do as soon as I can work it out !


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Preview YouTube video we’re here because we’re here (Manchester)

we’re here because we’re here (Manchester)