One time me and a few of my peers were stuck in on a weekend with no money, unkempt and with a hangover. We got into this weird discussion about how it doesn’t matter how ‘successful’ we are, we can definitely get scrubbed up and go out to a fancy bar, walk through the door and #owntheroom like nobodies business. We then proceeded to use my alley kitchen as a runway to show how we would enter a space and own the room, while the other few stood in the room and reacted in aww to how we ‘ownedit’ (we’re all in our late 20’s btw). After this practice, we then got dressed into fancy garbs and headed out. Because we spent so long practising, it was about 12:30am. We found a piano bar and sat at a table on our own. By now, we had spent so much of the day together, conversation was dwindling and so we sat nursing a small flute of prosecco (which had eaten all our money) whilst looking around to see if we looked successful to other people. Eventually we left and then walked aimlessly around the streets of Clapham in garb that quite frankly looked like we wanted to watch a west end musical in the cheap seats. As all the bars full of wanker bankers were closing, we then left and walked home in the cold; and then preceded to spend all night looking up dickpics on craigslist and laughing before calling it day and agreeing that our lives are ridiculous and that it’s no one else’s fault but ours. Furthermore, we created three rules for ourselves that we’re to stick to throughout our lives.

  1. Beggars can’t be choosers
  2. Don’t get to big for your boots
  3. Always be yourself.

This story made me dig deeper into what kind of people do this sort of thing, and how we MUST be part of some kind of cult of people that are embarrassingly shameless yet poignantly optimistic. I don’t have the real answer, but I did take reference of cult films that I admire and that I know have a reputable source of humour and relative poignancy to a certain kind of middle-youth.


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These films aren’t just about the (dark) humour or ridiculousness that I can relate to, they can also harness my imagination and fill it with alternative and accepted drama in a world where the repercussions or consequences don’t need to matter.