Marianne Fry Keynote 2010 Lecture by S. Denham-Vaughan.
Sally Denham-Vaughan discusses the concept of “liminality” and offers a Gestalt perspective on the opening to transformation.


Interesting YouTube audio lecture series on liminal space from a psychological perspective.

In response to today’s Monday Writing Workshop and Patti’s joyous experiences with YouTube lecture series I decided id start listening to a few again. (Youtube was the saviour of my Maths A-level… and during BA Fine Art… despite being a slight procrastination method). And so, on the commute home I found this lecture and started to listen, close my eyes and enjoy the journey. Notes were also made… sparingly and yet to be fully articulated perhaps, with thoughts festering -which are always the best kind.



Liminal – dialectic between the rigid and chaotic. 

Limbo – on the edge – the peripheral perhaps. (This is particularly interesting in relation to sociality and human behaviour. — “It’s out of fashion to stay still” – the fast passed world, propelled by technology. 

Chaos – dissolution and fragmentation  

Ritual – Ritualistic human behaviour 



(edits and further notes may be added after festering/ fermenting…)

Fermentation in progress. 


April Jackson