In response to Babak’s exercise: “Be interesting… tell me what you find interesting?” “But remember, it has to be interesting.”

What is interesting? Do we share the same criteria of what defines ‘interesting’? Am I interesting…? What does interesting even mean?

  1. arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention.
    “an interesting debate”
    synonyms: absorbing, engrossing, fascinating, riveting, gripping, compelling, compulsive, spellbinding, captivating, engaging, enthralling, entrancing, beguiling;


A subjective activity. (Especially after realising 80% of the room, conversation and day did not interest me at that particular moment in time).

Until I saw cake. and the inescapable:

Empty teases.


The most interesting thing I found or an obstacle or gripe while wandering the triangle space at 10am half asleep and post a 2hr commute, a 2am bedtime and a 6.45am wake up call.

The tease of a jam-less cake, to be enjoyed in my not so luxury, not so London apartment.

Collage 1: 

Collage 2:

All day I just wanted Jam or at the very least a punnet of strawberry’s. (Is this a commercial for jam?) #AD


Empty teases – unfinished, loose style of the painting. The unoccupied forbidden chair, teasing the weary traveler. “With a sense of foreboding I sat in the chair.” The offering of cake, but jamLESS and sponge dense- an empty offering in my eyes.

The scene set out before me provoked a sense of unfulfillment, captivation or reverie. Stirring notions of dissatisfaction, humour, theft, neglect and the forgotten. I began to connect this to the location, or rather view of the apartment buildings directly opposite, nay juxtaposed the university triangle building. A mockery. An audience? The entertainment? The normal typical student (living in student accommodation and penniless) against the ideal courtyard apartments a stones throw away…. watching or being watched. The window, an interface of opposites. Theres an element of audience or performance in watching, engagement and observation. A tease on my commuter soul. A symbolic liminal space housing development, education, transition and progression. The ally way dividing the two; a threshold between two stereotypical stages of life, student/ professional, dept/ wealth.

The painting and objects, reminiscent of a stage set or scene reminded me somewhat of the Netflix series ‘The Good Place’ and with particular reference to the frozen yoghurt stall- because who loves frozen yoghurt? No one. Not when the alternative offering of ice cream is so much more appealing. (Frozen yoghurt: the 1930’s over popularised health food, low fat alternative to its older brother and indulgence; ice cream) a not so happy place after all (which is the enitre plot of the show FYI). A show which follows a strangely compelling battle of personal ethics, integrity, guilt, communication, loyalty and utopia. (or the lack of and bitter disappointment at the latter end of perfection and desire.) 




p.s I prefer to make my own jam, refined sugar and preservative free. See recipe here: JAM.


Healthy living is happy living. (Photo credit: @LiviasKitchen & @deliciouslyella via Instagram)  #NotA#AD



A JAM-ble of a thoughts.


April Jackson