John Mc Laughlin is David Reed’s favorite California painter. And David’s friend Nicholas Wilder said John Mc Laughlin was a bedroom painter. David Reed said ” I love this idea, and it was then that I realized that my ambition in life was to be a bedroom painter.


Q: What bedroom you want your paintings to go in?

D: What came to my mind were the bedrooms in Vertigo. One of them, in Scottie’s house, is dark with modernist furniture. Its where he takes Madeleine/Judy after she tries to down herself in the Bay. Scottie undresses her in his bed.The other bedroom is where Judy lives in the Hotel Empire–a room often filled with turquoise light from the hotel’s neon sign outside a window. Its where they make love.





In San Francisco, I put that same painting into a video loop of the scene bed. Later, for a show in New York, I inserted a painting over a replica of the bed.One could see the painting in the gallery over the bed and also in the video loop.



Reed, David. “David Reed, “Scottie’s Place/Judy’s Place”. Carnal Pleasures: Desire, Public Space, and Contemporary Art.” San Francisco: Clamor Editions (1998): n. pag. Web.

I had started by thinking of the bedroom as a physical and intimate, private space, then my thinking jumped to these strange nonphysical memory space. In some way we all share these bedrooms from Vertigo.We can live in them together.Paintings are finding a new home in such in-between places.