Recently, I’m reading Hal Foster’s book -THE ART-ARCHITECTURE COMPLEX. In this book, he claimed that one of most famous Minimalist artist Dan Flavin did not strongly oppose illusionism unlike other Minimalist such as Donald Judd.

He also argued that Dan Flavin engages other oppositions, such as materiality and immateriality and immediacy and mediation, and he seemed to speak for both sides

On the on hand, Flavin claimed, “the physical fluorescent light tube has never dissolved or disappeared by entering the physical field of its own light”; on the other hand, he admitted, the “brilliance” of the light can “somewhat betray its physical presence into approximate invisibility”

I’m always interested in boundaries. In my previous works, I expressed boundaries between inside and outside visible and invisible, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. And I want to make new works using transparent materials like glass and light. This work will be related between materiality and immateriality. So I think Dan Flavin’s works and Hal Foster’s book are worth to refer for me.