Artificial Realism versus Truthful Art was the title for my CRP

Where I basically said that my focus is to explore two sides of painting: the fakeness of composition that mimics our world where life is staged and altered by technology (Artificial Realism) and on the other side fighting this mechanical approach, because I use Photoshop to assemble and test my painting, and trying to give/express instead real emotions though the paint (Truthful Art).

It sounds a bit complicated and the result of this opposition is in fact = Absurdity.

They told me that Babak during the crit after the Open studios had a quite interesting talk in front of my painting ‘Dog guarding a dead game’ where he formulated his thought around my work saying that painting or art is a dead game for me.

I unfortunately missed that talk but I like what Babak said and I think this it is one of the point of discussion I want to explore:

Looking around in our studios ( and in many galleries ) I see a great effort of making art with all sort of crazy, fantastic, banal, funny, disgusting ideas and it all looks just absurd and pointless? Are we playing a game that is dead but no one wants to admit and we just repeating it like in a circle?

My last painting, the one I am working on at the moment (I don’t know the title yet…probably ‘The Surrender’) it is Art or just the Art of painting that is holding together…willing to resist and win the time, the criticisms, the assumptions, the isms but the only thing that keeps all together is a banal elastic tape.

Any thoughts or hints?


Marco Piemonte