Chen Shun-chu is one of Taiwan’s most iconic contemporary photographers. The reason I listed him as one of the artists I studied is because of his unique visual narrative and perspective of photography.


Based on his background – Penghu – his work tells the story of his family’s memory in a surrealistic collage language.




He not only appropriates old photos in his works, but also made photo into installations. He accurately convey his concepts and emotions. Among them, I was most impressed with the tiles and boxes in his works. He used the box to metaphor the image of the home. The material of tiles in earlier Taiwanese families,  which can be seen in every family’s bathroom, toilet, and even the kitchen. It forms a special symbol of the times. Tile’s cold and smooth features corresponding to the mottled old photo.Chen Shun-chu put together two things to form a special dialogue.











Yu Ting Hsu