Two Days ago, in the national museum of contemporary art in Athens, was the inauguration of an exhibition that promoted the support of the current Greek artistic production through scientific, theoretical and artistic research.

Among the artworks, it was one wall text that translated to “I will spit anger on your actions/works”. The artist’s name is Dimitris Alithinos and the name of the artwork “The power of man” made of burned cardboard Paper.

Even though it is a political artwork the text and the context it is exposed, serving as hubris to art itself. The sentiment it expresses, anger, although alludes to the dystopic political situation that takes place in the current world it also creates a feeling that the artist aims to overwhelm every other artwork situated there by “spiting anger” on it. As he removed the image so the text can easily connect with the concept and the lived experience he plays with the meaning of the work “Ergon” which translates either to Artwork or to Action creates confusion does through the choice of this words and eclipses the whole exhibition “spitting” on the other artists works.

Irene Pouliasi / Eirini Pouliasi