The answer is two right?

This is the answer a number of people will give you when you show this question to people.
However, Noah is the one who built a ark.

Another question is ‘Can a man marry his widow’s sister?’

My first answer is “Yes”
Why can’t a man marry his sister in law, because after all his wife is already became widow…
Oh……………..I just realizing I agreeing that a dead man can marry his bereaved wife’s sister.

Things like these is call Moses illusion.

The research of this said, when we heard something, our intuition will only consider the thing below to identify whether we believe it or not.

1. Does it came with reliable source?
2. Does other people believe this?
3. Is there any evidence to proof it?
4. Does it against my belief or faith?
5. Is it a good story?

Number 1 to number 4, I don’t really agree. But number 5 caught my attention.
We are artist, isn’t that make us into a kind of story teller?
Also from my research I believe that artist is the only media between artwork itself and the true story behind the art piece.

So if the story we say to audience is good enough, their intuition will make them believe whatever we gave to them.
Just a small research about how to trick audiences.

Hsieh Hao Chun