I opened a gallery! It is an online exhibition space on an accessible social media platform which is designed specifically to be viewed on our phones. It asks artists of all disciplines to upload over 7 days, whatever is in their camera roll during that time, with the freedom to use the captions as they wish.

Our phones are always with us; when we have ideas we save them in our notes, use search engines for on the spot research, use the camera to photograph things that catch our attention and use the screenshot function to save anything from text messages to memes. I was interested in how the contents of everyone’s camera roll is so different and how, as artists, our camera roll is like a digital sketchbook where we keep ideas and research.

With a rolling open call and artists showing every week there is always a show to attend at LRCR and an archive of past artists work and words. In the age of over sharing and reality tv it gives audiences the chance to see the real lives of artists and how they think and create.


Georgina Tyson