You walk into the space : The first thing you see is this piece is stood upright in the centre of the room. It’s not against a wall. Stretched out on canvas is this red cotton material. Is it a dress? Or is it a decorated bedsheets you ask yourself.

It has intricate patterns with shimmering sequence. Too intricate to be a bed sheet.

It’s at least a metre high, and half and as wide.

Without having time to process you begin to hear foreign music, it’s not in English. It sounds Arabic or Indian. The music is inviting yet loud at the same time.

As you go closer you notice that it is actually a few layers of this material put together: one on top of the other. Its layers of opaque fabric, that is intricately stitched.

You can see to material bars holding the piece upright.

It must have another side to it.

You begin to move around the space all the while listening to the music in the background.

The other side of the piece is completely the opposite. It is not made of any shimmering material. Though it has Sugar coated gummy bears on the floor.

Damn I want to eat one !

Though its apart of art piece. Also I don’t know how long they’ve been on the floor. It’s taunting.

Yet as I observe the painting as whole. It’s quite structural. With clear plastic baubles coming out of the piece. It’s an abstract painting with thick gestural strokes and splashes of neon paint as the main underlying layer. It’s got several different types of textures and more gummy candies stuck around it as well.  I can see inks and moulding mediums mixed with darker colours of Prussian blue and reds.

The work does not compliment each other there. There vastly different.

It’s like looking at two sides of the same coin. Two different styles, is it two completely different different artist, or the same person?


This is a writing for an Writing workshop Patti had asked us to prepare for. It’s an idea of work Im thinking of creating. Though It’s just an idea of how a person might react to a piece of work.

Esra Vazirally