As an artist living in modern age, crafting from traditional side and technologies from now has always been a conflict. Sometimes I prefer the traditional way such as paintings, sculptures, because I feel like these materials can express my feelings directly rather than the new technics around me, or maybe its just the texture of those craft really approaches me. But I am also fancy about the wonder that new media brings out.┬áDuring the process of making works, I really can’t stop wondering: “Am I making rubbish constantly?” “What does the meaning of an artwork stands for?” “Should I change my work completely to the digital format?”. After the talk we had with Stephen in ICA, there’ re something I had in my mind. I make art, because I want to. The impulse of making art is within me and no matter what kind of material I use, I just want to tell something to the world and mark myself on it. So it’s not about crafting or go digital, it’s about me, as an artist, have the right to choose the medias I want to use and the things I want to express.


´╝Ěeichung Lu