Its rusty, it’s big, it’s dead.

Its flowers, its bombs, its death.

It’s burning, its holes, its absence.

Its big piece of hard mesh rusty metal, why?

Because mesh metal has holes spaces, it’s a sieve.

It’s a sieve, it can be used for filtering and dividing, not only for the land but for the people.

Divide to conquer.

Why mesh? Because it has holes spaces which look like graves.

Graves fir the dead that bombs leave behind.

Why mesh? Because it has empty spaces which can fill with plants.

What plants? The souls who died by the bombing.

Its metaphor between bombs’ shapes after explosion and flowers.

Mesh metal, like a cage, that Iraqis have been imprisoned in their own land.

Everybody covets that land’s wealth while its people suffer.

The metal has cylinder shape.

Cylinder it means oil pipes which Iraq rich of it.

It means the whirl that this land lives in it every day.

It means the problems that this war brought to this land and its people.

Why metal? Its strong, its powerful, its war machine.

Who? Tanks, guns, rockets, aircraft, the invaders.

Why rust? Its death

The last destiny of that strong powerful killing machine.

Its brown, its orange, its dry blood

What this machines did to the people, people did to them.

Death, dust, rust, blood.

That destruction affected the whole land, earth and sky.

The white flowers stopped growing and the birds stopped singing.

Only the wailing and siren sounds kept there. Over and over again

Why plastic cables?

They used it to handcuff fighters with.

They gave blood, souls but not their dignity.

The whole work is crying land

After been violated and abused by aggressors

Trying to heal deep wounds

And keep people and land together


With the above words I tried to re-create my work with words. Explaining the material I have used and why I have sued them in such a way.


Gardenia White