Last night I went to see an acoustic set by 80’s pop group A-ha at the 02 arena.

Initially when I heard about the show I was sceptical that without the synths and heavy stadium production sound of their Take on me days, they wouldn’t be any good. I kind of expected Morten Harket to be croaking into the microphone from a zimmer frame.

It was any thing but that. We had a wonderful time. It was brilliant.

It began to dawn on me as I listened and sang along to the music that we have become saturated by US, talent show inspired industrial pop music. The men I saw on stage were all musicians capable of playing many different instruments and able to sing extremely challenging vocals at the age of 58! Ian McCullogh guested on two songs. Echo and the bunnymen…..look them up kids!  I began to think about folk music, The Smiths and music not requiring electricity to come to fruition. Music in its original state before it gets digitized.

I think I might get a bunch of muso mates together all of us over 45 and create some music and get a fake band of teenagers to appear in videos and interviews for us. Kind of like middle aged Gorillaz. I quite fancy the idea of some contemporary version of Morrissey’s nihilistic lyrics sung by a female sweet folk voice, acted out by a pristine industrial pop band! K pop meets Brit pop and grumpy old men! I think I’ll call it Grit Pop!

Still in love with Morten, Mags and Pal, holding a torch 30 years later……I wish I’d kept all the smash hits posters….


Kate Mieczkowska