As I was trying to make ceramic works, I researched some ceramic artist, while Alice Mackler is the most inspired artist from all the artists I found.


I like these ceramic works so much, they all most contain everything I like in an artwork (whether painting or sculpture): misshapen body, superficial crudeness, harmony colour, amusing twist…… After researching the artist I know that the artist is an octogenarian female artist, who just had her first solo exhibition last year.  Besides the resonance I found from works, through one of her interview with Mary jones, I found she spoke exactly what I experience and think of art:


MJ: You were saying that you never edit or revise your work.

AM: I have no idea what’s going to happen, good, bad, it just comes out. That’s always been true for me. I let it be whatever it is.

MJ: You have beautiful collages in your show, using magazine pages and pictures of glamorous women of fashion. Do the colors of fashion influence you?

AM: Probably, but I’m not aware of it. It’s all intuitive. I like clothes. I love clothes. I’m a real shopper.

MJ: You were in NYC during the 60’s. Was Pop art an influence on you?

AM: Alice did what Alice wanted to do. This was not an influence. Is that it?
I’m overwhelmed with this whole thing.



I always believe that art work is unspeakable, even you can talk something of your work, you can never tell everything of an art piece. The key thing of understanding an artwork is looking, feeling, experiencing. Every viewer should be allowed to have their own thought of art, rather than being constrained by what the artists say. Art is not math,it is the ambiguity that makes art so unique.


Ziyin Guan