Dear Pixie,

Thank you so much for showing us your work on Thursday. I loved it. There were some very challenging images and themes present. I found it inspiring and very humorous in places. .

Your introduction to your relationship to your ‘muse’ was also extremely entertaining in your emotionless introduction of this skinny, dark skinned, younger, Japanese musician . It was funny because you could be so overwhelmingly objective in your description of him. Was this intentional? He was present in every work but somehow never managed to gain an independent identity. Are you aware of how you have cleverly turned the tables in the constant power struggle between masculine and feminine roles in art and the ‘male’ gaze? I was reminded of William Morris’s wife Jane, muse to both himself and his friend Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Grabriel Rosetti, who she later left Morris to marry. She is frequently the subject of paintings defining the ideal of Pre-Raphaelite beauty.  She is also often referred to as being of a lower class than both of her husbands and possibly having very little choice in her role within their households as a result. She doesn’t have an independent voice either. This of course was fairly standard for women of this era. Are you aware of these kinds of female ‘muse/use’ roles historically and trying to subvert it? I felt your penis heeled shoes were perhaps reinforcing this idea of female domination of masculinity? You mentioned that you were very aware of the inherited political tensions between China and Japan when you met your partner. Since he is Japanese and yourself Chinese, have you ever thought you may be subconsciously allowing yourself to ‘use’ him as you feel he is inferior to you because of inherited racism? Have you read any texts by The Marquis De Sade?

I am very much looking forward to seeing what further works arise from your time in the UK when your partner comes to Britain. It is ironic that we have just celebrated 100 years of women being allowed to vote in the UK. If you want to find out more about this please do come and ask. I can show you recent sculptures at Westminster which isn’t far from the Art school and texts about the movement in Britain which led to this if you wish.

With all best wishes,


Kate Mieczkowska,