An internet by Jeroen van Loon

How would the internet look if all data were temporary and ephemeral?

An Internet unfolds a vision of such a future internet, with a radically new type of data: smoke.

The internet as a communication medium is still very young. The telegraph offered it’s service to us for around 220 years before it became obsolete. Today the consumer internet is about 20 years old. The internet will too become obsolete one day. It isn’t the final conclusion of all previous media. It’s presence doesn’t mean the end of media history. It will be replaced, useless or broken one day. An Internet represents the Internet at a particular historical stage, and also, paradoxically, shows a vision of a future Internet: a network in which data is no longer produced to be stored for future use, but to be instantly accessible and then lost forever.

All photos are by Gert-Jan van Rooij.


Smoke and data are temporary, nothingness. Anything not being used / valued is useless, no matter how important the data / idea / smoke / energy is.

Is this Subjective idealism?

I always think a question. Why we make art and what is the value of art?

the following images (and the one at top ) are screenshorts of my design.


Before I turn these designs into physical objects, what are they, they are useless.